MRF Second Annual National Symposium in August

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    Brothers the time is at hand not to talk about Masonry, but to engage in it, to progress it, to assist it, to assist one another in this journey of progression. This event is the one event I can truly say is not just an intellectual exercise or series of introductions. It is Masonry in action in all its "varied perfections."

    Lets us support this, if you have time attend it...if you don't do yourself a favor and make time.

    Many of us claim to want to advance the Masonic experience in our do we do that if we do the same ol' thing year after year and find ourselves shocked at things not changing, our numbers shrinking, and our newest members leaving unfulfilled.

    It is easy to convince ourselves that this "younger generation just doesn't understand the meaning of hard work, etc. etc."...

    Yes they join them, join them in building bridges across the various generations of Masons and working to return Masonry to its full and glorious position as the most dignified fraternity in the world.

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