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    I posted this in the original MOT Forum but I will post it again because I deeply enjoy reading the reasons men become Brothers. And also some men out there, like me when I became interested, dont know any Masons or just dont know that they do yet and it can be comforting knowing why others joined.

    I was about 19 when I first started hearing about Masonry (most of it was conspiracy driven) and then National Treasure came out. Cliche, I know but it really did perk my ears up. I did end up forgetting about it for a while and then I moved here to San Antonio when I was 21( I'm from Beeville, TX originally). I needed something more in my life and looked up Masonry on the internet. Again I found crappy conspiracy stuff but I did find some good stuff. A few cool Vids on you tube and then I bought "Freemasons for Dummies" and "Freemasonry for Idiots."

    I had told my dad about my interest and he said he knew of a few Masons but thought it was only for rich white men. Until we both found out at the same time that a long time friend of my dad's and mine was a Mason. He talked to me about it and told me what it was like and about and I was hooked. This is what I needed. Though I still didn't know any Masons in San Antonio (he is from Corpus Christi).

    I got on the Grand Lodge of Texas website and chose Community Lodge NO. 1201 A.F. & A.M. becuase of its smaller membership count (It was kinda intimidating for me at first). I got ahold of the secretary James Hoyo ,and the rest as they say is history. I was initiated June 9, 2008 at age 23 and was passed to Fellowcraft tonight September 8, 2008.
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    That's a great story Bro Moreno.
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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story once again.

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