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    Now I personally charge all the other brothers I've *seen here getting their mm right now to stay active. It's easy to be active while getting your degrees because you have a goal you want to accomplish. Now remember all the brothers that have helped you get to this point. And do them justice by helping futcher *brothers along the way as they try to get their degrees. You will get out of freemasonry what you put in to it. *

    Since I started in the beginning of 09 and recived my ea. I have seen probably 25 brothers start the process and 5 finish. And I am the only one of those who comes every single week to help. 1 or 2 come almost every stated meeting. To me that's not a high enough number. But I'm sure it's not just my lodge that this happens in. So that is my hope and charge for all incoming brothers to our great fraternity.*

    I would love to see all the newly made brothers and ones about to be raised and even for the ones on this site who were masons before I was born to add to this and promise to try thier best to something they are not already doing to help themselves their lodge or even a single brother so that our fartinty can be at it's best that any of have ever seen.
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    I wish I had more time to put into lodge, but my usual vocations only allow me to attend stated meeting!
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    This seems to be the Holy Grail of Masonry to some Lodges. I do think our retention of Masons are far below the standard that we should set. I have said before that The secretarys now have the ability to print a report on the Secretary's Database that would allow them to pull all of the members that "Failed to Advance" during any period. One could make phone calls to each one and ask why. Then present a report to Lodge and decide an action plan based on the results. We can talk all day but until someone acts then it will continue to occur.
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    I've found that a lot of times if you push yourself, others will follow. I believe every petition I sign gives me a measure of responsibility of making sure that man is not only informed of the things going on in and around the Lodge, but encouraging him to take part in those things. The more a man feels a part of the group, the more he will make time to stay a part of that group.

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