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My Enlightened Path


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I am an aspiring musician, singer, songwriter. Had writers block for two years until I had the idea to write music in every genre, maybe if I caught their ears for a moment I could bring ONENESS back up a notch. The next day, I woke with an insatiable urge to spill words out of my mouth, in turn, became a hip hop song that I called "Legacy". The next few days I'm sifting through my old clothes (out with the old) kinda thing, I find my old leather jacket I've had for four or more years. I inspect it, on the tag, read the word LEGACY in bold font. Then, as if that's not enough, I'm at a Local Dollar General, standing in line. I finish my Transaction, as I'm walkin out the door a voice says "Have A Nice Day Young Man", I glance behind me long enough to make out the man's face. About a month goes by, I'm scrolling thru the internet in search of enlightenment for my last few weeks events, I see the man's face. He is a Grand Patron and a substantial donater to Legacy Real Estate.
I am the Grandson of a former Lodge. Member and seat holder for the Polk County H.O.R.
My name is Aaron David

I'm proud and grateful of this knowledge

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