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    Well Masonry has been in my family on both sides. I have had uncles that were Worshipful Masters and I even currently have an uncle that is currently Grand Pursuivant. Needless to say I was lead into Masonry. It has always been something I have wanted to do but after growing up with a Mother that swears to this day she was bamboozled during the divorce because my Father is a Mason I kind of was turned off by it.

    My Grandfather, who practically raised me, was a 32nd Degree MM and his last few years he spent telling me how great it was and I never really gave it much thought, but I remember receiving a call letting me know he was in the hospital and probably would not make it through the night. When I finally got to the hospital to say my goodbyes all he wanted to show me was how he received his 50 year Scottish Rite Award and Pin and how my Uncle Sonny Tull signed it, mind you they are no relation. I just could not help but think this is a man who is dying and knows it and he cares more about spreading the word of Masonry. I just remember thinking to myself, “how can it be as bad as I thought if he was a Mason?†Well he made it out of the hospital and lived for another 3 or 4 weeks but the night he passed away we were all at the house and about 20 minutes later I asked my uncle what it would take to get a petition for the Degrees of Masonry and his reply was a simple one, "You just did it". I received my petition the day of his viewing and had it filled out in no time.

    I guess after going through all of this maybe that's why I take Masonry so seriously. I don't look at it as a club but as a brotherhood that should be looked at as a privilege. We are all blessed to go through the same degrees and call ourselves Master Masons as all brothers have done who have gone before us.
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    Though I grew up with Dad being active in his Lodge and my Mom supporting him fully, the end of your story is similar to mine. While my Dad was spending a few days down here, making arrangements for my grandma's funeral, I started talking to him about finally turning in a petition.

    By the time the funeral was over, I only needed another signature or two for my petition, thanks to all of Dad's Mason buddies who had come to pay their respects.
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    Brother Berry,
    Thank you for that woderful story. Here in MA, the Deputy Grand Master is first generation MA. His family before him is from TX and San Antonio. His Grandmother is a Daughter of the Republic of TX. We have developed a good friendship of late. Your story reminded me of a speech he gave to a large group of Masons and non-Masons. He said the average age for a Mason in MA is 62 years old. The question that always comes up is "isn't that an old persons club?". He said that "yes, we do have many older members but the real question is, what is it about this fraternity that when a man joins he wants to stay in it the rest of his life". I just thought it was a very good point.
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    Brother Josh what made you decide 148 as your Mother Lodge?
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    That is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it!
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    Summed up well Brother ...summed up well..
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    The only problem with that, is the fact that many brothers would be more than happy to tell you you are not equal to them. I do not agree with this, we have all walked down that road, we should all be equals.
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