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    As a kid I was made to attend the Orange Lodge, which held it's meetings in the Masonic Hall, I left when as a teenager they tried to tell me I couldn't be friends with Catholics. For many years after that, I believed the 2 organisations were one and the same, so did not have any interest.

    I had an uncle that was RWM of Lodge Union 250 in Dunfermline, a man that I loved and respected and owe a lot of my taste in music to, sadly he passed away 2 years ago and at his funeral there were all these men that clearly knew him so well, I asked my aunt about them and she told me they were brothers from his lodge.

    I was feeling down and was chatting to a good friend about this and he asked me why I had never joined the masons, as he thought it would have been a good fit for me and the masons. Turns out he had been a member for longer than I had known him. He asked if I knew anyone at my local lodge and I said I didn't, but as he reeled off a few names, I realized I did indeed know a few of them. He told me to get in touch with them, which I did and after chatting a few times in the pub, I asked for a form. I attended my Inquiry meeting, and after that, the ballot was clear. The week before I was due to be initiated I got word that I had been accepted for a Living History display team abroad and would need to pay for my own flights and visa, I had no choice, but to cancel my initiation, as I couldn't afford both. I thought that was the end of my journey, so imagine my surprise a few months later to find that I had a year from the ballot to actually join. I set about contacting the lodge secretary, confirming I still wanted to join and a few months after that I was initiated in to my Mother Lodge.

    I've been a Master Mason for just over a year, in that time I've seen 4 other brethren come through our Mother Lodge, 4 of us became MMM's at the end of last year, and the latest brother will take that step next week. In January, I was elected as our JD of our Mother Lodge, a position I will hold for 3 years if the brethren are happy with me, before I progress to SD and subsequent positions every 2 years after that. If all the progressions go to plan that means in 9 years time I will be the Master of my Mother Lodge, (yes I know, it surprised me as well).

    I didn't get an invite to the last New Intrants event, and just about didn't receive one to the next, until I asked why I had been missed again, the answer was of course 'You've been in longer than that', but no, I haven't. The RWM said the other day that he thinks folk forget I've only been a mason for a short time, because I feel right with them. Funnily enough, it feels right with me too, and I hope that feeling grows stronger as I continue my journey.
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