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    I had very little exposure to Freemasonry until about a decade ago. My wife's uncle was set to be installed as Grand Master of New Hampshire about a decade ago, and we traveled there from New Jersey to witness the installation. However, his term was not long as he was in his final days after battling cancer for many years. Two things about that period left a lasting impression on me, The first was the beauty of the lodge and the installation ceremony. More importantly perhaps was the response when we returned to NH just a few weeks or so later for his funeral. The line of Masons at the funeral home was longer than I could count. I was bowled over by the response from his fellow Masons, many of whom must have traveled hundreds of miles to pay respects.

    Fast forward to a few years ago, and it was a TV commercial of all things that sparked by interest in joining the craft (the one with Benjamin Franklin, which I'm sure many of you saw). It was around this time that I remembered that my grandfather was actually a Mason in New Jersey, although we never spoke about it when he was alive.

    I had been searching for many years for an organization where I could feel like I was truly welcome among peers and had a chance to both improve myself and do good for others. I went through several volunteer organizations (literacy tutoring, EMT, etc.) and a few churches, and always walked away feeling either disillusioned or wanting something more.

    So I looked into Freemasonry some more and it all seemed very appealing to me. The only thing I struggled with at the time was that the last church I was a member of (Eastern Orthodox Christianity) was pretty firmly against Freemasonry. But I hadn't been active in a little while, and I felt it was worth the break I needed to make.

    So here I am today, a newly raised Master Mason. I'll be taking my proficiency exam later this week and then I'll have the honor of wearing the ring my grandfather wore when he was raised nearly seven decades ago. I think about him a lot as I go through the degree ceremonies, and I'm sure he would've been happy with my decision. But perhaps more importantly, I'm happy with it. Sure it's not perfect -- no organization run by humans is -- but I've found more true fellowship, brotherhood, and a sense of belonging than I ever have before.
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    Congratulations on being raised.
    Remember and honor your Grandfather through the items he left behind.
    My story is very similar. My mother was a single parent from the time I was 6 months old until I was about 9. Since she had to work to support us I stayed with my grandparents during the day and into early evenings. I remember my grandfather coming home from work once a week to change clothes and leave again. I would ask my grandmother where he was going and she would say to lodge. When he passed away, I remember a lot of men at his funeral dressed in aprons. After they both passed away, I never thought much about it until a friend of mine joined. That sparked my interests and I started exploring Masonry. In 2009 I was initiated, passed and raised. Unfortunately, my mother had passed while I was going through the process but while we were going through her things, I ran across a box that was labeled to be my grandfathers. When I opened it, I found his Past Masters apron, a white apron (not his burial apron), a gold Master Masons ring, a two tone gold Past Masters ring, two gavels, and several pins and ties, his Shriner's Fez, and various other Masonic paraphernalia. I made a vacuum sealed show case for all of this and now display it at my home. Since my sone is now a Mason, it will pass down to him when I am gone.
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    That would be soo cool. Im just sorry you werent able to share it with your Grandpa prior to his passing!

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    Great story and a very hearty welcome to the Craft!!!!
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