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    Hi, my name is Neil Prasad, and I am interested in becoming a Freemason. I am a kind, gentle, loving, forgiving individual that suits the very integrity of this great nation. I have elements about me based on my country's love for the devotion and causes of its progression Into the protection of what Lord Randolph and Sir Winston Churchill beloved. I believe that traditions should not be brikeb. I am a person that It is spiritual and giving. I care for everyone that believes in not hurting people physically and the mentally ill. I am a person of faith. I love England, the English language, and the traditions of the United Kingdom. I am a servant of practices. My father was a great man. I am a fire sign. I believe in the Sun God. I think and understand Christ. I love Corinthians. I am committed and loyal until the very last hour when destruction hits, I will die. My secrets now and forever remain in my heart, mind and soul. I love George W. Bush, Theodore Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill. I have learned a lot and would like to learn more. I would like to focus on making my community a better place for having a fine reputation and being happy I want to find love
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    You will need to find and contact the Freemasons where you live to talk to them about joining a Lodge.
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    Why do you want to be a freemason ?
    What do you hope to gain from being a mason ?
    Can you attend lodge meetings and degree work when need be ?

    Do you plan to participate in lodge functions? As far as taking a chair in your lodge ?
    Or are you in it for a ring and bumber sticker ?
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    I'm in it for the ball caps and tee shirts...And I do hold an elected seat in my Lodge...
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    I won't say that I apologize, as the JW of my lodge, I have been on the investigation committee several times, and some of the answers you have to sit back and collect yourself. I had one believe that becoming a mason, that he would get better jobs, and more money. I've had several who had a great grandpa that he never met was a mason, the only time I did not sit on the committee for another lodge I am a member , Initiated passed and raised a man who had already went and read everything he could on freemasonry he was wanting to know the secrets of freemasonry, and when he found out that there isnt any, we dont run the world and he can not benefit from being a mason, he quit. People seem to have the idea that when you wear a ring, hat or tattoo, or whatever, that you are someone of great importance. The questions I asked you, are my standard questions. It weeds out the crazies from those who want to become a better man.
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    Now, tell us how you really feel : )

    Jokes apart,

    Say what?
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    It has been two weeks since their post. I daresay they aren't coming back.

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