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    I stand at the same sacred altar
    Where, prompted by brotherly love,
    I vowed solemn vows without falter
    Witnessed by Him from above.
    As once I knelt there in rev′rence
    I stand rev′rently there …
    My thoughts have suffered no sev′rence,
    As I vowed…so I′ll vote…on the square
    If through friendship I favor the seeker
    But think him unworthy at heart …
    Lest my Lodge by my ballot grow weaker,
    Such favor from justice must part.
    At the altar where light flooded o′er me,
    I′ll betray not the trust that I bear,
    I′ll shame not the emblems before me,
    But I′ll cast my vote on the square.
    Or should he be not to my liking,
    But merit by action the trust;
    My soul I′ll not perjure by striking
    A blow when such a blow be unjust …
    But I′ll welcome his step ′cross the border,
    I′ll honor the trust that I bear,
    I′ll vote for the good of the order
    By casting my vote on the square.
    Time flies … and ere long my petition
    Will be filed in the Grand Lodge above.
    I′ll be glad then I tempered such mission
    With justice and brotherly love.
    "With the measure ye mete" has been spoken
    By the Worshipful Master up there …
    No promise e′re made has He broken
    And He′ll handle my case on the square.

    Thomas Q. Ellis, Grand Master 1925, Mississippi

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