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    I've been off the internet for a while. I wanted to brag a little on my son. Bryce is a MM at Huntingdon Lodge No. 106 in Huntingdon TN. He virtually graduated from Bethel University with a BS in Criminal Justice and a minor in Military History and Leadership on 9 May.

    He was also commissioned a 2nd lieutenant via the Army ROTC program at the University of TN. at Martin. It wasn't a easy road, his school didn't have a ROTC program, so he had to travel 50 miles round trip 4-5 days a week during his junior and senior year. He carried a full load, plus his shooting team commitment to Bethel.

    Bryce selected the Infantry Branch and will be a PL with, C troop, 1st squadron, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment. He's going to have to wait a while for the infantry basic officers leadership course because of the virus backing things up. In the meantime the Army is going to use him as a Gold Bar recruiter. He also volunteered for Ranger and Jump School.

    This old grunt is really proud, His commissioning ceremony was virtual, with one guest and cadre I got to pin his bars on. The honor of his first salute went to one of his former high school teachers, who is also a Brother.

    He wants to go to law school or grad school to study public administration.

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    Sounds like a great son and person. I am sure that you are very proud Sir Matt!

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