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    In early 2008, our oldest son, Brian was having problems with his left hip and left leg after goofing off by jumping off of a porch and he landed flat-footed on the ground and subsequently began having issues with his femur coming out of alignment with the hip socket.

    We heard about the Shriner's Childrens Orthopedic Hospital in Houston, TX through a friend and we applied for assistance.

    The doctors at the hospital did not give up until they found a way to treat Brian.

    Through physical therapy they've healed my son. He's walking fine and horsing around like a normal 13 year old and I wanted to give something back to the organization, or, 'brotherhood' that healed my son. I'll never be a philanthropist, but I'd like to do whatever I can to give something back to Freemasonry.

    Mike Green
    FC - Rainbow Lodge Newton, TX
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    I'm happy to hear that the Shiner's Childrens Hospital was able to help your son. And the craft, I am sure, will benefit from you joining it.

    If I may, I'd like to tell you a short story of a boy who was born with club feet. By age 10, he had received a few operations to try to correct his problem, but it got worse and he ended up having circulation problems in his legs that his local doctors were not able to correct. He finally sought treatment at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Childrens in Dallas. Doctors ended up having to amputate his legs, and he spent a good day of his teen years in and out of the Hospital. He learned to walk using prosthetics. Since then he became a Mason and a Scottish Rite Mason like his father and uncle before him. Years later he was succesful in the Insurance industry and was appointed as CEO and President of an insurance holding company. In 1997, he was appointed as the US Ambassador to Sweden. There was one catch, he would have to give up all board positions, club and organization memberships. There was one that he felt so strongly about, he would not give it up, and he went to told the President that if he had to give it up, he could not server as Ambassador. After he gaving his explaination to the President, he was giving an exemption. Today Lyndon Olson Jr. holds the distingished title of being the only person to be both a former patient and serve as the Board Chairman for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and it was his position on that board he would not give up. Although no longer the board chairman, I believe he still serves on the board, assuring that the hospital will be there to meet the needs of children.
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    That's an awesome story, Dave. Thanks for sharing!
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    Awesome posts, guys.
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    I've met Shriner Vans bringing children to Friendswood, Tx., down from,Georgia, Oklahoma and many other states. These Nobles travel countless hours and miles so a child can be well.
    My daughter was born with Cleft lip and Cleft Palate. Since her birth, she was seen by Dr. Blackwell at UTMB/Galveston, but Hurricane Ike destroyed many. Dr. Blackwell and his team are employed by Shriners Hospital for Children/Houston. I could not get insurance on my daughter nor could i get the government to help. Brother/Noble Marty Rodriguez made contacts and set my family and I on the correct path. Prudince was accepted by the Shriners Hospital for Children and asked for no obligation from myself and family.
    My life has become an obligation to Shriners Hospital for Children and the Craft. I am honored to be apart of these Great Human efforts.
    With the many caring bodies as Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital, Grottos, etc, A Master Mason can live a fun, workful life :)
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    Thanks for sharing a great story!

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