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    I am impressed and frankly jealous of many of the stories here. It seems so many have had family ties to or life events linking them to Masonry.

    I knew nothing about Masonry growing up. I knew of Shriners, and had knowledge of lodges but only through Fred and Barney in the Flintstones. Loyal Order of Water Buffalos Lodge.

    However, my fascination grew with another silly show, National Treasure. Now, I'm not naive enough to believe anything in the movie, but it simply got me thinking. I picked up a few books here and there and read on the internet. Let me tell you, when you don't know what the Masons are about, and you don't know any, it's surprisingly hard to discern good info on the web. However, my interest never died.

    A few years later, my wife and I made a move across Texas to our current location. That was about 5 years ago. My wife, a veterinarian, began working for another veterinarian. I got to know him well, and at some point I learned he was a Mason.

    Now I was really interested in Masonry and had someone I could ask. Nevertheless, I still hesitated for another year or so before actually following him to the Lodge to meet the members. I was intent to know more about it before I did that. But as I got to know what Masonry was about, I found it fit perfect into the life I was trying and wanted to live.

    I was hooked. I sought initiation, and a Month or two later, here I am.
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    wonderful stuff. thank you for posting this.
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