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    My story begins with my grandfather and seeing his Masonic ring as a young boy. I was probably 5 or 6 but the square and compasses stayed with me. I never knew anything about the fraternity until I was about 16 and my father told me about it. When I was 25 I found my grandfather membership certificate and was immediately interested because I recognized the square and compasses I had seen as a boy. I petitioned my local lodge and after receiving my EA degree I was raised to the sublime degree as a master mason one month later. I proudly wear my masonic ring and my grandmother gave me his bible which is 74 years old. I am currently working on my C certificate with the same man who taught me my work. Joining the fraternity has been one of the best things I have ever done (except for asking the lord into my heart and marrying my beautiful wife). I hope to one day sit in the east and teach the lessons/work of the degrees to new masons. God bless.
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    That's fantastic. One month after EA raised to a MM....nice.
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    Thank you for sharing!

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