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    While growing up I never knew my grandfather, he had died long before I was born. The times the family had funerals we would go the the cemetery and I would see his tombstone that had a funny symbol on it. Later when I worked for the city, there was a guy "Henry" who everyone asked to show us the secret handshake, he never did.
    then another place I worked seemed that all the supervisors were masons, I with others had many talks about the masons, however we knew nothing about them except they were our suprvisors.
    based on these conversations, I decide that I would find out about what masons were, I could remember as a boys some other boys came by my grandma's house and took me and bought me some new shoes ( Demolay)
    well I found an interesting book in the public library that had a lot of info in it
    Then I saw Clyde lodge was having an open installation of officers, so I went to see masons in action after that I wrote secratary a letter asking him how one became a mason, he called me next day a said come down and get a petition
    that's the story and now 19 years later I have been master of the lodge twice and said in all the chairs but Treasurer
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    Great story Brother Price. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Thank you for sharing...nice story!
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    Thanks for sharing your story, Brother John.

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