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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Bro. Keye, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Bro. Keye

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    Brethren, I am new to this site and love the fellowship I see. I was raised in a Texas lodge 11 years ago. Billie Mosse 1152, Denison Tx, while assigned to recruiting duty with the Army. Soon after, I was transfered again. Each time I move I go to another lodge. About the time I get ready to sit in chairs, I move again. I still do lectures and work all I can. I was just installed in to the east here in the upper penninsula of Michigan as this is my new assignment as a first sergeant. I stumbled onto this sight surfing and this is great. Thanks for supporting masonry the way you do and allowing me to be a part of this site.
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    Welcome Bro. Keye!

    We are glad that you decided to join us here at Masons of Texas!
  3. Benton

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    Welcome! Glad to have you here. Every good Mason that joins makes this a greater community for all. :)
  4. Bro. Keye

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    Thanks Brother, although I travel in the military so much, I will always be a Texas mason. I had the opportunity to visit my home lodge while there for my wifes brother's funeral. Although many had passed since my last visit, I still felt as at home as I did when I was raised. What a tribute to masonry. I am now the newly installed worshipful master on Iron Mountain # 388 in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan but still a member in Billie Mosse #1152, Dennison TX. I will retire in Texas and return to the active Texas mason role here in the next few years as I am now over 20 years active duty in the Army. What a great way to stay abreast of masonry in all parts of Texas. I look forward to being an active part of the site if possible and thanks again for your quick welcome reply.

    Anthony K. Richter, Worshipful Master
    Iron Mountain # 388
    300 Hamilton
    Iron Mountain MI, 49801

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