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  1. Matthew Mullins

    Matthew Mullins Registered User

    Hello Brethren,
    When I was initiated I never received an apron to keep. I was of course "presented" an apron during the ritual, but was told I had to return it as soon as the ceremony was over. I asked for verification about receiving one from the lodge but I was given a vague "yea sure" and nothing ever came of it.
    Do you think I should keep asking, or just buy my own?

    Thanks for your thoughts
  2. Glen Cook

    Glen Cook G A Cook Site Benefactor

    Did you complete your third degree? Some don’t let you keep the apron until then.
    I would contact your secretary amd WM at your next meeting.
    What grand lodge?
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  3. Ross Thompson

    Ross Thompson Site Benefactor

    I would suspect RW:. Cook is correct for most, if not all, jurisdictions. I know Texas holds the apron until you're raised a Master Mason.

    If you are a MM, then there should have been a presentation ceremony. At least in Texas that's the way it works. But I do know that the correct WM was in his third year in the east before he got his.

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  4. Mike Martin

    Mike Martin Eternal Apprentice Premium Member

    You don't mention where in the world you are so it's hard to be specific. However, here in England the Aprons used during a Brother's Ea and FC belong to the Lodge and are only used by him whilst moving through those degrees. Quite often a Brother's Proposer would gift him his MM apron at his Raising.

    As I understand it, and I'm sure the US brethren will correct as necessary, in the US a Brother is not able to visit other Lodges until he has been Raised anyway so little point in issuing him with one of his own. Here (England) if an EA wishes to visit other Lodges he would normally do so accompanied by his Proposer or the Lodge Mentor who would organise an apron for his use.
  5. coachn

    coachn Coach John S. Nagy Premium Member

    In the USA, EAs & FCs can attend their respective level meetings elsewhere when accompanied by a vouching MM escort.
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  6. Number4

    Number4 Registered User

    Hello Matthew, and congratulations on taking your first step in Masonry, welcome aboard! Your apron was returned to the secretary, but will be presented to you to keep when you are raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, and the secretary will have written the dates you were initiated, passed and raised inside it. If you opt for Masonic rites at your funeral, it goes on your casket and that's the only time you need it. For regular Lodge meetings and visiting, you wear one of the linen ones supplied by the Lodge. At least that is the protocol in Virginia.
  7. Glen Cook

    Glen Cook G A Cook Site Benefactor

    With over 70 jurisdictions in the US, there is no consistent rule.
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  8. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    Here in Illinois, you are presented a apron and bible after the 3rd degree. For the 1sr and 2nd degree, you use a lodge apron.
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  9. Keith C

    Keith C Registered User

    Here in PA the apron used for Degrees is just for Degrees. You do not get your own apron at all. Each Lodge has aprons with Lodge Number on it that everyone except Officers, PMs and Grand Officers, DDGMs wear.

    Every jurisdiction has their own customs so this may just be the norm where you are. If every other MM in your Lodge has their own apron that the Lodge gave them, then I would ask the Secretary, WM or one of the Wardens what is up.
  10. Vindve

    Vindve Registered User

    Here in CA we have lodge aprons that most wear to stated meetings, when you do your degrees you have your own that they use for your degrees and once you become. a MM they give it to u you to keep. After that we just use the lodge aprons.

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