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    I just changed my Avatar to a pic of my youngest daughter shaving my head at the Relay For Life in Robertson County. We were able to raise $725.00 this year for the event to go to The American Cancer Society. This is the lowest year so far, with the highest being around $4000.00. We are active, due to losing my Mom to Breast Cancer, our oldest Daughter to Throat Cancer, and my sister-in-law now fighting Breast Cancer. It is a GREAT time for family and friends to get together, support those who are affected, and boost some morale. Assisting Ms. Bobbie, is Bro. LJ Linson. We discovered Chines clippers are No Match for my hair and beard!!! We had to overhaul them 3 times to keep them working. I am still bald, with my "Summer 'stache", extending to the middle of my chest. I'll post the current photo in the next few weeks.

    Paul "Hippie" Munsel
    Franklin, Texas

    Golden Rule Lodge 361
    Hearne, Texas
  2. owls84

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    Great Job Bro. Paul. That is a great cause and a fun event.
  3. JTM

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    hah, awesome

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