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    Esteemed and Beloved Brothers,

    It is my pleasure to announce that another great happening in Freemasonry has burst upon the scene and I am privileged and honored to be a part of it.

    This brainchild is the creation of Greg Stewart and Dean Kennedy, the former form California and the latter from Halifax, Nova Soctia, Canada.

    Essentially what has been created here is a One Stop Masonic Site – sort of like Wal*Mart, or Sam’s Club or Costco, but Freemasonry.

    First of all Six Blogs have been combined into one site.

    1) Masonic Traveler and Freemason Information are there from Greg Stewart that great esoteric Masonic Traveler

    2) Dean Kennedy that high tech guru with the deep resonate radio voice brings his blog Masonic Tech with the aid of Brother Shane Stevens

    3) Stephen Dafoe renowned Masonic and Knights Templar author is on board with The Temple of Dafoe

    4) Michael Halleran that well known Scottish Rite Journal and Research Society author is here also with Aude Vide Tace

    5) Terrence Satchell who reminds me of a young Carl Claudy, joins us with his blog The Banks of the Euphrates

    6) And you have me, Frederic L. Milliken with The Beehive

    In addition there are guest contributors on The Sojourners. So far we have Brothers Leon Zeldis, Ian Donald and Tim Bryce contributing articles.

    But that is far from everything. Brothers Greg Stewart and Dean Kennedy have brought over their Sunday night radio show which is also podcast, Masonic Central. Join us every Sunday night for a guest from all walks of Masonic life. You especially won’t want to miss March 29th where we will discuss our new site and answer questions. Log on to and then to Masonic Central to find out how to access the show.

    Table Talk on FmI Masonic Magazine

    Sun Mar 29 6pm – 7pm
    (Timezone: Pacific Time)
    on Masonic Central (map)

    Other attendees: , , , , ,
    Mail creator & attendees

    Join us as we talk about the new Freemason Information Masonic Magazine and home of this pod cast. The editors, authors, and contributors of this new consortium will be on hand to talk about the new project, project what they would like to accomplish, and share with you some of their hopes of the Fraternity.


    There are Masonic Reviews, Videos and even a Masonic store. You are going to love the new number one Masonic site which sets the standard for excellence, variety and completeness on the Internet. We are a digital Masonic Magazine with so much to offer. PLEASE JOIN AND SUSCRIBE IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND WINDOW under the Podcast.

    Your Friend and Brother,

    Fredric L. Milliken

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