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  1. Payne

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    I saw this in the newsletter and I would like to see these here on the forum as well as in my lodge. Many of the things posted in that list I was never shown.

    "New Mason's program"- Each new mason should receive intense instruction in:

    -What it means to be a Mason
    -Introduction to the Appendant/Concordant bodies
    -How to participate in lodge meetings (how to introduce motions,etc)
    -Masonic etiquette
    -How to visit other lodges
    -How to tell your wife and family about Masonry
    -Masonic History
  2. Chris_Ryland

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    At both of my lodges, we have specific directions pertaining to all of these points following the EA Degree. If there are any questions after the instructions, then one of us spend some time with the new EA to go over everything again. We also include it as part of their training in the esoteric work. Learning to be an EA "Mason" is not just learning the esoteric work. It should be the personal time to teach the meanings behind it and all of the etiquette and information that we can possibly give these new Masons.
  3. rhitland

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    EA is the cornerstone if you will from which we build so a solid foundation as Brother Chris said is crucial for the understanding of the next 2 degrees.
  4. RAY

    RAY Registered User


    Brother Payne,
    These are and have been practiced in most well regulated lodges and if not need to be. These are for the most basic foundations that should be taught the candidates in the proper degree. Some of your listed items would not apply to the EA's but later in there teachings as they progress.
  5. owls84

    owls84 Moderator Premium Member

    Wow, after reading this it sounds like the ALL program should be taught to EA's. Which is what we have been kicking around for some time. But when I brought this up at my other Lodge you would have tahought I slap someones Mom for trying to change what something.
  6. Payne

    Payne Registered User

    I know not all of what I posted would be for an EA but as he goes the through the degrees he should be taught all that before he has turned in his Master's proficiency. I know I've been a Master since 2007 and there are some things on that list that I still don't know.
  7. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    pin a past master down next time your at lodge and ask him.

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