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  1. Payne

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    Now I know this may sound silly but I would like advice on this:

    How to participate in lodge meetings (how to introduce motions,etc)

    I have been a Master Mason since 2007 and I don't know how to introduce motions. I know in part thats my own fault for not attending lodge more but I am becoming more active and I want to learn more about how the lodge runs.
  2. rhitland

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    You just stand up and say " WM Wardens and Brethren I move that we pay our bills" or "WM Wardens and Brethren I move that we use $250 for a Christmas Dinner." The WM then will wait for a second and ask for discussion then a vote. It would be a good idea to talk to a Brother or two and tell them your plans so you know you have a second for your motion.
  3. Nate Riley

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    I would like to see an orientation program up together for new Masons (EAs) on how to act and participate in lodge meetings. I feel like a lot of new brothers are nervous about certain things that kept them from being all they can be. Maybe I will develop a program for my lodge.

    The only thing I would add to Bro. Rhit's post is that in my lodge the MO appears to be stand, be recognized, then say WM, Wardens and Brethren....Since July I have realized, that when our current WM looks at you he is recognizing you. He and I have had a couple of stare downs, before he said "go ahead Bro. Riley". The Jr. Past Master would always call you by name when you stood up (and in the order you stood up if more than one were standing).
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  4. cemab4y

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    I have been kicking around the idea, of setting up a "New Masons Program". All new masons would receive several nights instructions in how to :

    Introduce a motion, and get it voted on
    How to serve as an officer
    An introduction to the appendant/concordant bodies (There are over 100)
    Masonic history
    How to visit other lodges

    Each graduate of the program would get a diploma, and a lapel pin.
  5. rhitland

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    Brother Nate is 100% correct and if it is not glaringly apparent now that is a weak spot in my lodge and with me. We are looking to get back in the practice of parliamentary procedure but it is a work in progress as we got way off. Thanks for noticing Brother Nate, the parliamentary procedure is key to the peace and harmony of the lodge.
  6. HKTidwell

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    Time for my ignorance if you have a RW (is that Right or Rite) where does it go? WM, Wardens, RW, & Brethren or WM, RW, Wardens & brethren. We had a discussion the other night at lodge about past RW being in attendance. The general agreement was that you still refer to them as RW. This came up because I did not know we had a past DDGM in attendance. He was a DDGM long before I was ever a Master, and has restarted attending lodge on a regular basis.
  7. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    I use...WM, RW, Warden(s), Brethren.

    Not sure of the exact protocol, but I wouldn't acknowledge a past DDMG as RW because he is no longer a representative of the GM.
  8. rhitland

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    If your current DDGM is at your Lodge that is just as good as the GM so you do refer to him as Right Worshipful and the proper protocol is most important title down and since the DDGM holds the highest title you would say "RW, WM, Wardens and my brethren"

    When giving introductions I do give props to former DDGMs of my lodge and visitors and introduce them first as well as "former DDGM and PM"
  9. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    The ALL and LIFE program are very similar in nature to what you have described and would make a good base for this project. A few of us at 148 have had the idea of taking the ALL and LIFE and "beefing" it up or modernizing it if you will. We then want to take it a step further and place this program on our website in a MM only section and allow new members to take a good portion of the program online at home in their spare time. This is still in the beginning stages but should be out before to long.
  10. js4253

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    Rhit, please check out your statement about the order. It is my understanding that the Worshipful Master should be first, then RW DDGM, Wardens and Brethren. Even thought DDGM is in attendance the WM is still in charge of the Lodge. Maybe our resident expert, Bill Lins can give us some clarity.
  11. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    We will need verification but I would not be surprised if I am wrong would not be the first time. This is how I have seen even the eldest do it in my lodge and was taught to recognize titles top down. Now I hope I was not implying the WM was not in charge b/c he is the Sun and Moon when the lodge is open. I do not believe something like this would be in the law book would it I would not know where to even look? This seems it would fall under customs of our GL so we will need our resident expert to stomp some stupidity out of me.. !
  12. Wingnut

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    :shameless lodge self-promotion engaged :

    We give our new EAs a brochure on Masonic Etiquette after they are entered. We also sell the brochure as part of our ongoing fund raising effort.
  13. owls84

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    This is a good question. I am curious to proper protocol on this. I pesonally would think that the DDGM would come first since he is the equivalent of the GM sitting in your Lodge but I am not really certain. I see where the WM would be intorduced first as well.

    I have attached a snapshot from the ALL program from 1987 that I have a PDF of. It doesn't answer this though.

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  14. Gerald.Harris

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    Great Idea there Brother.

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