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  1. Bro. Keye

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    Brothers, as a new Worshipful Master, I am sure that there will be a host of things to organize and keep track of. From new brothers, petitions, events and so on. Do any of you that have been on the east have a automated resource that you have used for organization and records keeping? If so would you let me know so I can handle the reigns from an organized manner. Previously, it was not very neatly done and I would like to do well and leave something for my successor next year. Thanks
  2. Casey

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    Are you looking for masonic and WM specific or are you planning to use a mainstream electronic organizing program. There are many out there; but I think a very important part of your search should be how easily everything you track/note electronically needs to have a transition to a paper format. Whomever comes after you might not be computer literate and they will need to be able to benefit from your labor.

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