New Mexico Grand Lodge and Sandia Mountain Lodge #72

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    Blake was not sure if this is the right place for this or not.

    Would like to give a shout out to the Brothers at the Grand Lodge of NM for giving me a tour of their Grand Lodge in my short stay while in Albuquerque during thanksgiving week. As I had both my kids with me while taking the tour, I asked one of the brothers if any lodges were doing business this week and he gave me the info on Sandia Mountain Lodge #72. That evening I went to Lodge #72, as I walked in several brothers were staring at me at the door probably thinking who in the heck it this cat. I introduced myself and was received with a warm welcome. They were actually practicing on their Installation of Officers and they looked pretty darn good. At the end I was talking to one of the brothers, Jay Williams I believe. He asked me the reason I was in town and I informed him that my mother'n law was ill and was going to be here until the weekend. He then preceded to ask me if I was in distress, if we needed anything...a place to stay ect, which we were not but it damn sure felt good knowing if my family or I was in distress there are brothers like these to help one another out if needed.

    I have been is the great fraternity for 2 1/2 years now and like I tell everyone else, it was one of the best decision's I ever made.

    Thanks again Jay and to the other brothers that made a Texas brother feel welcome, if yall are ever in the Dallas area look me up.
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    I know many of the Sandia Brethren and will pass on your praise. I hope your mother-in-law has recuperated.
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    Next time I am in New Mexico I may have to try to get by there. It is a bit out of my way though from where I usually go. It is always great to hear stories like this and makes me proud to be a part of an organization that treats its members worldwide like this. There are not a lot of places that can same that today, not even most churches.
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    I have always found New Mexico brethren to upright and straight. I am starting to go to New Mexico more now, and visited Mesa Lodge #68 in 2008 and was impressed by the quality of men there. I keep going on odd weeks when no lodges meet, but will strive further to sit in lodge with them again.

    -Bro Vick

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