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  1. mrpierce17

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    I was elected to the chair of Worshipful Master of my Lodge on last Saturday there is much work for me ahead this will not be an easy task but then again nothing worth while ever is any advice would be greatly appreciated

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  2. Bro. David F. Hill

    Bro. David F. Hill David F. Hill Premium Member

    Remember that there is a lot difference between a leader and a boss. I have a library of books to share with you if you want me to. They are in PDF and stored online. Send me a message with your email address if you want me to share.

    Brother David Hill
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  3. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    Congratulations Brother !
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  4. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Congratulations Brother! My next meeting will be the last as my first time as Master of a lodge. My advice is to listen to the council of Past Master who have been there and done that. However, do not let anyone "bully" you into doing anything that you do not want to do or not doing something that you want to do. As I said at the beginning of my time as Master...."I listen to and carefully consider advice but I do not take orders".
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  5. Todd M. Stewart

    Todd M. Stewart Premium Member

    Congratulations! First and foremost do not hesitate to ask for help and advice from Past Masters. The Brother that proceeded me in the East had been WM twice. I asked him to be my Chaplain, and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Having that voice of experience sitting next to me was invaluable. Hopefully you have had a chance to attend your jurisdiction's Grand Lodge annual communication when your were in the South and West. Make every effort to attend as WM as it will have a plethora of information for you. Lastly, do not take everything upon yourself. Delegation is key to accomplishment. May your year in the East be as memorable and enjoyable as mine was.
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