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  1. Blake Bowden

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    I've been thinking about publishing a monthly Lodge Newsletter at Gonzales 30 but unfortunately I've ran into a little problem....cost. With stamps, paper, toner, etc it would be a monthly expense of $50 and with these tough times, it may not get funding. Personally I think it would provide a wonderful source of information, education, upcoming events, etc. For those of you involved with Lodge Newsletters, how has it benefited your Lodge and what ways are there to cut costs? My first design is just a single page, double sided, with the address area already on it so an envelope wouldn't be necessary. I have included my unfinished copy...your thoughts? It's short but provides enough information to keep you interested in it, minimizes costs and makes it easier to publish each much as I wouldn't have to scramble for things to put in

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  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    The easiest way to cut costs on the publication is to e-mail it out to as many members as possible in a PDF format. Obviously not all the members in your lodge have e-mail access but I'm sure that there are a majority that do.

    Other than that, keep it simple a neat one sheet two sided newsletter (8.5x14) works for our lodge; just fold it thrice and ship it out via USPS. As to the funds, you could find a way to incorporate it from the Secretaries fund or have a fund raiser. The state YR group charges members to be included in the distribution ($10.00) per year.
  3. jonesvilletexas

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    We at Melrose, was just talking about our news letter this week and feel most are going in the trash without being opened. I said that we should ask in the next one for a response or they would be taken off the list, also e-mail would help. I put all our news letters on our web page and have an archive so they can go back and read the ones in the past.

    Great looking letter, I like the format.
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  4. nick1368

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    OUr current WM wanted to start a newsletter again. however i think the cost has also put in on the back burner for him... the one you are working on looks good.
  5. KD5NM

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    I have been putting out a single page newsletter for about four years. I put a calendar on the side with the mailing address so it can be posted on the fridge or somewhere for reference. I email a few and keep the cost to around 45 - 50 dollars a month. I don't know if it's worth it but everyone seems to want me to keep it up. The hardest part is coming up with content. It's like pulling teeth to get anyone to come up with a few paragraphs once a month.
    Your sample looks much better than mine but my computer skills are somewhat limited.
  6. RJS

    RJS Guest

    That looks real nice, great job!
  7. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    We do ours strictly via email.
  8. Joey

    Joey Co-Founder Staff Member

    That's a great idea..... But, we have SO MANY older guys that don't have computers (nor do they want them).

    However, any that we can send by email will save money. :D
  9. TCShelton

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    Wow, I wish we only had to spend $50 for ours...:p
  10. rhitland

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    Perfect layout for 2 pager, you can save cost by going black and white print on a little better paper. Also do not think it has to be monthly right off the bat start quaterly or bi-monthly and see what the Brehtren think if it was like my lodge the sky was the limit for our newsletter, the "older guys" loved it and it brought a few back.
    I also recomend getting a padowaun learner to help you so they can take over the duties of it while you are in the East. Get all active members involved searching for intresting information to add in the newsletter as this is a great exercise for everyone to learn something about the Craft.
    Whatever you do, do not let money stop it, that is almost a sin to allow money to stop the progress of light. See who wants to do it and ya'll donate the money equally and ask for donation in the newsletter and I bet you get em if you reqally Ask, Seek & Knock.
    I heard a story of some old Brother saving their newsletters by there chair and a Grandson picked it up read through it, which exicited his curiosty and lead him to the Door of Freemasonry. It also gives the wife a chance to learn more about the Craft. So many posative outcomes from a newsletter I highly recomend every Lodge get one if they hand deliver it. Fort Worth 148's "FreeMason' is slowly but surley going to be mailed to every Lodge in Texas we already hit a few of the big counties yours could be next. LOL :)

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