"non-linear order"...

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  1. BryanMaloney

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    Although I am just a petitioner, I do pay attention, and I've come to gather that the York workings are in a "non-linear" order. I recently came across the following:

    (S. A. Sowayan. 1992. The Arabian Oral Historical Narrative: An Ethnographic and Linguistic Analysis. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.)
  2. Blake Bowden

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    FYI, the Internet, no matter what search engine you use, do not reveal the secrets of Freemasonry, much less convey the experience of Masonic Travels. Don't waste your time figuring out the work as it will be incomplete. It's obvious you have a hunger, but in time, you will learn to keep those passions within due bounds.
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    What Blake said, do not cheapen your education in Masonry by getting hints of it on the internet. I have enjoyed being initiated and passed due to the fact it was a surprise. I see no reason not approach being raised in the same fashion.

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