North Carolina GM Issues Statement Over Capitol Riot

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  1. Getty imagesby Christopher Hodapp The miserable year of 2020 has now officially slipped into history, but it wasn't going to just go quietly without putting up a desperate struggle. On January 6th,...

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  2. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    I like that, weed out the bad people who are radical and we'll kick them out. But we'll look the other way for the brother who beats his wife or cheats the lodge and his brother. How rich !
  3. Blackstar

    Blackstar Registered User

    We should be weeding out those people as well, for sure.

    I really liked this message. Another fraternal organization I'm in posted a very week statement on social media. It is rightfully being challenged by chapters and alumni associations and causing us to look at ourselves and what we want that organization to be.

    Anyway, althought I am not in that Grand Lodge, I am proud that they are North Carolinians.
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