Now let's do blanket recognition in Dec 2015

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    Would any Texas PM be willing to submit on the topic of blanket recognition?

    We are now in the Jan-Apr window to discuss legislation for submission next year. I'm a PM in California and Illinois but not in Texas so I can't submit in Texas.

    The mechanics of blanket recognition is it automatically covers PHA jurisdictions that are recognized both in their own state and by MWPHAGLofTX. Taken together those two handle any regularity issues. Even better blanket recognition handles the issue in one vote so we don't need dozens of votes spread across years.

    This web site quotes the legislation passed by GLofDC so I suggest submitting a paraphrase of it.

    A. Our Grand Lodge hereby recognizes, and will in the future recognize without further Grand Lodge vote, each Prince Hall Grand Lodge that does not state that it does not want to be recognized by our Grand Lodge, and that is recognized, and continues to be recognized, by:

    1. The Grand Lodge in its jurisdiction which our Grand Lodge already recognizes — so long as that Grand Lodge does not object to our Grand Lodge recognizing this Prince Hall Grand Lodge in its jurisdiction;

    2. The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas — so long as the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas does not object to our recognizing this Prince Hall Grand Lodge in another jurisdiction;

    B. This recognition by our Grand Lodge of a Prince Hall Grand Lodge in another jurisdiction will be effective on the same dates and to the same extent as the recognition by the Grand Lodge that our Grand Lodge already recognizes in that jurisdiction.

    C. Our Grand Lodge Committee on Fraternal Relations will provide the office of the Grand Secretary with a list, and future updates, of Prince Hall Grand Lodges in other jurisdictions that meet the standards described in this resolution and which are thus recognized by our Grand Lodge. A copy of the list of recognized Prince Hall Grand Lodges, and future updates, will be distributed regularly by the Grand Secretary’s office to each Lodge in our jurisdiction.

    D. The office of the Grand Secretary will contact each Prince Hall Grand Lodge in another jurisdiction that is on the list of Prince Hall Grand Lodges recognized by our Grand Lodge, and attempt to establish the exchange of Grand Representatives.
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    I would be cautious of passing any blanket recognition legislation in Texas. I'm not sure if there is any blanket recognition articles currently on the books. At least this time, recognition was requested, brought up and voted upon. After the compact was voted on, recognition was granted to another PHGL no problem. There didn't seem to be much opposition to voting on an individual grand jurisdiction, but any blanket recognition might be shot down. Honestly, given the number of irregular *grand lodges* in Texas, it would be unwise to pass any blanket recognition laws in regards to *any* grand jurisdiction IMO (ex: your quoted text does not differentiate PHA vs PHO, talk about opening a can of worms trying to explain that to some folks). I dunno if I would push the envelope here. Just my opinion.
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    Can't win for losing around here. People complain about lack of visitation, then when they get it, they start complaining about not getting enough.

    Give Pete Normand and the Fraternal Relations Committee some credit for once.
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    How about "All the Credit in the World."
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    I've been a critic for years, and I agree most heartily with this. They came through. In spades.

    We've got a lot of work to do to secure this victory. It is almost inevitable that there will be challenges to it. Lets please please focus on successful visitations, education and so forth. Actions that prove this was the right thing to do.
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