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    Greetings! I am not an OES member but my wife joined at the start of the year and is enjoying every minute of the experience - as I type this she is away at a multi-chapter event across the mountain in Charlottesville. My question is, how strict are the requirements for a candidate to have a familial relationship to a current or past Mason? I ask because her chapter numbers have dwindled as senior members aged and became less active, to the point now that the chapter is in serious danger of having to either merge with one any miles away or fold altogether. She does know several ladies who would make excellent additions to the craft, however the requirement for that Masonic connection is not there with them.
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    My wife is currently Conductress of her OES Chapter and at least here in PA and at her Chapter there does need to be a provable connection. I had to send in a copy of my Dues Card when she was petitioning.
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    Yes, when the Committee of Investigation came to our house I had to show my dues card, even though the Brother knew me well and had sat in Lodge with me many times. Da rules is da rules I guess - it's just a shame that good people have to be turned away and chapters close because of that one.
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    Good point. There was a time when you could afford to have stipulations for allowing women to join. I think it should be open but maybe make it invitation only for non-Masonic related women. This way if a lady knew of someone interested or that would be a good addition they could invite them to join.

    Also, making it 'invitation only' may create intrigue for women to join.
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