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  1. mrpierce17

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    How many brothers encourage their wives to join OES ? How long after you became a MM did you wait before mentioning ? Are you also a member of OES ?
  2. ebojones

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    My wife was researching as I was being entered, passed, and raised. She is being initiated this coming Saturday.
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  3. Bro. David F. Hill

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    When we meet a candidate, it is one of the things that I mention. Many times it turns out that she has a bloodline connection and could conceivably get in before he does.
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  4. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    My wife and I were both initiated and involved in Eastern Star within a short few years of my being Raised.

    Unfortunatley in our local group is what I would consider to be "old". It would be safe to say that the mean age of the current membership is 60+ years of age, and 95% of those who are active have already been through the East. For my wife and I, we served as Worthy Matron & Patron within 3 years of our joining the group. My wife currently serves our chapter as Secretary, and I as Sentinel.

    When I am able to attend the meetings, we enjoy the time that we spend together within th group!
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