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  1. Benjamin Baxter

    Benjamin Baxter Moderator Staff Member

    When you were raised, did you become a officer? How do you go about putting yourself in a position to get started in the officer stations? What are the best ways to put yourself out there without breaking any rules?
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  2. Ratchet

    Ratchet Registered User

    I started out filling in as Pursuivant several months after being raised. Was appointed Junior Deacon the following year. Best thing to do is make it known that you are interested in going through the chairs. Attend your Lodge practice nights to learn the dialogue and proper floor work. In Pa., the only rule we have is concerning who is eligible to be W.M. No requirements for the other chairs.
  3. KSigMason

    KSigMason Traveling Templar Site Benefactor

    When I was Raised I jumped into the Senior Deacon position because the Senior Deacon resigned and the junior officers were not comfortable moving up. The Master of the Lodge was my coach and asked me if I could step up to help the Lodge.
  4. THurse

    THurse Premium Member

    When I was raised, I started as J.D. Every now and then, I find myself in different positions depending on circumstances.
  5. chrmc

    chrmc Registered User

    If you wish to become an officer I'd suggest two things. First make sure you tell the current leadership that you'd like to become move involved, and secondly start taking initiative to do things. Learn the ritual, start teaching, write a paper for TLR, start a discussion group etc.
    Nothing will get you noticed as much as initiative and action.
  6. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    I did not immediately become an officer. Shortly after I was raised and finished all of my required work, I helped out as a pro-tem during called and stated meetings. Indirectly, I believe that pro-tem'ing is what landed me a spot within the officer's line up as Junior Deacon. I now serve my lodge as Senior Warden.

    The best way to become involved (as an officer) is to become and stay active. Do whatever the Lodge needs, pro-tem, teach, cook, etc.
  7. Mac

    Mac Moderator Premium Member

    Involvement is definitely the biggest way to show interest. The brothers have already mentioned several ways to do so. If there's no room in the incoming lineup, I would ask about chairing or sitting on a committee. It's a great way to do some "work" for the Lodge, in addition to the other stuff that's expected (ritual, etc).

    That way, when the SW next year is assembling his lineup, you might stand out as an obvious choice.
  8. THurse

    THurse Premium Member

    Correction, my first officer position was a Junior Warden.
  9. Colby K

    Colby K Premium Member

    I was installed as the JW shortly after I was raised. We are a small military lodge and the turn over is high. It has helped focus on learning quickly though.
  10. KFerguson84

    KFerguson84 Premium Member

    The first chair I ever sat in was Junior Deacon. I was not appointed to that chair but the guy who was was sick and didnt make many meetings so I sat there for a few months. I was elected Junior Warden the following year. A lodge in my district is progressive from the lowest chair. It takes 7 years to become Master.
  11. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    For me I was raised in August of 2011. I didn't immediately fill a chair since our elections are held in December. I did sit in as JD on one occasion and did a horrible job (at least to me it was) and after the meeting I went to the SW and WM and told them I want to learn more so as to avoid another embarrassing situation. They saw the drive I had and I was always one to step up when everyone else stepped back. Shortly after that I started learning all the chairs with their help and was appointed Junior Steward the following year. Since then I have sat as JW, SW, JD, and SD at different times. I was in a situation that caused a bit of embarrassment for me when I sat as JD the first time and made it a point to never do it again. We are a progressive line so I am still a few years away from the East but I look at this time as my time to learn and make sure that when I do get there I will be as well-equipped and educated as possible. Is there a chance that it may take less time? Sure, with some of the people we have who knows when someone may step aside. The best way to get involved is to do just that, get involved and show your commitment to the Craft, yourself, and your Lodge. Start learning the positions now so you are as prepared as possible when the day comes.
  12. THurse

    THurse Premium Member

    Dependent on the size of you're Loge. I have noticed that, there are many different times of holding different chairs.
  13. sshevlin

    sshevlin Registered User

    The tiler
  14. Premium Member

    Gentlemen I apologize for throwing this thread just a tad off topic long enough to give a shout out to all the Brothers old and new who have decided to take on an officer position. Having been on this forum before, during, and after my being made, passed and raised, I have read a lot of posts from each of the Brothers who have responded to this thread thus far. It does not surprise me that each of you have decided to step up to the plate, Brothers I thank you.

    As for me I have accepted a position as Marshall, and plan to help the lodge where needed and hope to move up the line in due time. Career, school and family obligations don't always make it easy, but the camaraderie that exists among those trying to make themselves, and therefore the world a better place make the challenge well worth it. I would not have the opportunity to interact as equals with such quality were it not for this our beloved fraternity. I am eternally grateful for His creation and to you all for keeping it real, and keeping it alive. Travel light my Brothers.
  15. bro jimmie

    bro jimmie Registered User

    My position

    I was appointed JD within two years of being raised as MM. Before that I occasionly would fill in when needed.

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