Order of the Silver Trowel

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    I plan on petitioning this in the spring. I'm just wondering are there any other members of this that can give me more information?


    This is a side, or "chair" degree, and is conferred on present or past Illustrious Masters, usually during the time of the state Grand Council meeting. It also goes by the name of Thrice Illustrious Masters Order of the Silver Trowel. It consists of two sections, the candidate representing the young King Solomon in both sections. In the first section, the candidate learns of the conspiracy by his half-brother Adonijah, to wrest the throne by cunning from Solomon. He also learns of his mother (Bathsheba) interceding with the aged and ailing King David to prevent this. After securing David's approval, Solomon is symbolically conducted to Gihon by Benaiah where he is duly obligated, anointed and hailed as King by Nathan the prophet and Zadok, the High Priest. In the second section, the newly anointed king is brought before his father David who, in his dying moments, instructs him in moral wisdom and counsels him to govern uprightly and to serve the Lord with all his strength. Upon Solomon's assent to all this, the king expires.
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    Well, I think the summary is says about all there is to say. I received the Order of the Silver Trowel a couple of years ago and enjoyed it very much.

    Like the Order of High Priesthood or the Knights Preceptors, the Order of the Silver Trowel is a chair degree. By chair degree, I simply mean that you must have been elected and presided in the East over a particular body.

    Will you receive it in Texas or Louisiana? In Texas, you must petition at the Grand Council annual meeting which just immediately passed.

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