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Discussion in 'History and Research' started by Bruno Faria, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Bruno Faria

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    I am the actual organist of my lodge in Brazil, I want to discuss and share experience with any Bro. Maybe a group on Whatsapp or here, I am very interested to know more about the musics played during the meetings in other countries.

    Bro. Bruno

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  2. Bloke

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    Hi Bro Bruno

    You will find that music in Lodge is not universal. Here, in Victoria Australia, we do use music and songs during our ceremonies which we call "Odes: - some have very beautiful words which add meaning to the section of the Degree where they are sung. I am not aware of these being available on the Internet, but pretty sure we have a rep to Grand Lodge of Brazil - you might seek him out and see if he can get you a copy..

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