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  1. California Master

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    This coming Saturday, Reading Lodge #254 F.&A.M., here in Redding, CA will confer two 3rd. degrees out in the back woods of one of our brothers. We will start around 9:30am with the first candidate. I have the privilege to be King Solomon in both degrees. We should have a very good time.

    As their Inspector (DDGM), I had to give them dispensation to hold these two degrees in this area. This lodge is very active and do a very good job with the ritual. They have to.....their Secretary is Past Grand Master Howard Kirkpatrick!

    All Masons in the area are invited to attend these degrees.
  2. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like an awesome event!
  3. Ed Nelson

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    Shoot...I just saw this. I have to remember to log in her more often!
  4. Timothy Fleischer

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    Our Lodge did an outdoor degree on a local brother's ranch. I was fortunate enough to confer the Master's degree on my nephew for that degree. It was great! Tilers were on four-wheelers. We had GL dispensation to do so.

    The Altar and Stations were giant pecan trunks cut to size.

    Texas barbecue afterward.

    Another great degree I have had the privilege of seeing is a Cave Degree at the Longhorn Caverns in the Hill Country. They do it each fall when the weather is cooler. Awesome acoustics. And the lecture! Word perfect last year without a single slide to aid the memory. Over 100 attended.
  5. bubba806

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    On September 8th I will be raised outdoors at an annual meeting of MM from the surrounding areas called Hilltop...I can't wait for this great honor as only one brother is raised at Hilltop per year!

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