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  1. scottmh59

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    How often do you and your brothers meet outside of lodge for some fellowship?

    My lodge, we meet on a regular basis at the WM's house to grill:beer:. We attend each others kids birthdays etc.
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  2. Ben Rodriguez

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    I meet with one of our newest EA's to go fishing or for coffee, we also go over his memory work. There is also a brother who is known for having get togethers at his house for cold drinks and another brother who is a classical guitarist will come and play for us. It is also typical that after a degree or stated meeting we will go down to the bar for some good times and fellowship :)
  3. LRG

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    Brothers from Wharton-El Campo-FMRC(all around) are like one big family.
    We are in constant/daily communications and gatherings. <G>
  4. Blake Bowden

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    All sound great!
  5. Hippie19950

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    Many of us here are Veterans as well as Masons, and meet each morning at the local McDonald's for coffee. We can give a heads up on things ahead of time for one group or another by meeting like this. As such, when we did the local scholarships for the American Legion, and Lodge most of us on the committees were both. We had one on each team that was an exception, but I think it made it easier to make the decision. Many of us meet for lunch etc, or are kinfolks. We have enough at Church each Sunday morning to open in EA! All in all, we do have a very good association among us, just not as good in attendance at Lodge....

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