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  1. Jeremiah Duncan

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    Hope all is well. First off, I'm hailing from Right Angle Lodge #233 in Winchester, KY. I'm trying to get more information/thoughts about owning a business that contains a logo that looks masonic. To give you some background, I started a male grooming company (beard balms, beard oils, etc.) called Hiram Grooming Co. in late 2016. Of course this is a nod to Hiram Abiff and everything is masonic toned. You can check it all out at www.hiramgroomingco.com

    With that being said, I had our Grand District Deputy contact me last month stating that he was at the Grand Lodge and a few people brought up my name and how I'm using a masonic symbol in a business sense. Unbeknownst to me, apparently it is in our state constitution that you aren't allowed to do this. I've looked it up and it must vary state to state because I noticed that in Michigan you are allowed, but if you are found out to not be operating masonically, you will be asked to stop. I've also had several people ask about copyright infringement, but from my research all I could find was the square and compass with the G copyrighted. My Grand Lodge didn't out right tell me to stop, but this fraternity means the world to me so I would never want to do it wrong. I'm just very proud that I'm allowed to be called a Mason that I love sharing it with others and being a light in the dark. When I set out to do this I did research and couldn't find anything about not doing it.

    Just wanted to throw this out here to some people outside the situation and see what your thoughts were. I posted a picture of my logo below to see what you guys thought. Of course since it's Hiram Grooming Co., it's my take on the symbol for Hiram Abiff. Thanks in advance brothers and I'm looking forward to your feedback.

    -Jeremiah Duncan

  2. Keith C

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    I don't think would fly in PA. If you WERE NOT a Mason there would be nothing the GL could or would try to do to stop it as the symbols are in the public domain. However, if a Brother were running this, there would most likely be some stern conversation from your WM, the DDGM and maybe the GL office.

    A mason running a business using the symbolism creates an implication of support / approval of their GL and that is not something they would want.
  3. Jeremiah Duncan

    Jeremiah Duncan Registered User

    Thanks for the reply brother. I have that PA is a little stricter than most states but I can understand the concerns. I had actually made some shirts for the company before this information was given to me. In hindsight, I can understand on something like that no being ok. The thought of someone wearing my shirt (though not a direct connection to a grand lodge but close enough for the general public) and doing something illegal or unmasonic in public and giving the fraternity a bad rep makes me understand. With that being said, I guess my best bet would be to speak with the Grand Lodge of KY and see what they would like me to do.
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  4. tldubb

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    Ditto that Brother Keith.

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  5. skas

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    I appreciate your love for the Craft and wanting to share that with the world through your company, but I believe you should rebrand, and not use symbols of the Craft the way you are.

    Best of luck with your business.
  6. Jeremiah Duncan

    Jeremiah Duncan Registered User

    Appreciate all the feedback brothers. I agree, that I will need to change the logo. I would never put the fraternity in a bad light, but I can understand the concerns on a broader scale. Safe travels.
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  7. Bill Lins

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    Here's what the Grand Lodge of Texas has to say about this subject:

    Art. 508. Certain Other Masonic Disciplinary Violations.

    It shall also be a Masonic disciplinary violation for a Lodge, a committee or any combination of Masons, or an individual Mason:

    8. To use the words “Masonic,” “Mason,” or “Masonry,” or the faith and credit of Masonry, to display Masonic emblem, for a secular, business or political purpose; (italics mine)
  8. Jeremiah Duncan

    Jeremiah Duncan Registered User

    Thank you Brother Bill. That sounds very similar to what was told to me by our Grand District Deputy who is also a brother of our lodge. Again, it was out of love and ignorance. Not sure how other lodges or states operate, but it would've been nice to get a copy of our state's constitution when I was raised. Oh well. Thanks again everyone for the information. Off to email the graphic designer!
  9. Glen Cook

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    It is common to see provisions limiting the use of Masonic symbols. Some jurisdictions provide an exception if the company is exclusively devoted to Masonic products.

    What does your code say?
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  10. Brother JC

    Brother JC Moderating Staff Staff Member

    NM says nay.
  11. Blake Bowden

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  12. Warrior1256

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  13. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    Ours does not give them out, but any GLoTX MM can buy a copy from our Grand Lodge- IIRC, they're about $15.00 each. Glad to be of any help to you & I wish you the best in your business & Masonic endeavors.
  14. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    GLoTX provides such an exemption.
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  15. Misato

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    Ya just had to bring a zombie into the roost...

    (coach reaches down and clicks on ignore the poster into the future...)
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