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Discussion in 'Officers of the Lodge' started by hanzosbm, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Well, Saturday I did it. I passed my qualification exam to be installed as Senior Warden of our lodge. Here in California, the Master, Wardens, and Senior Deacon all need to pass an exam in order to be installed. Senior Deacon needs to know his part for all 3 degrees which includes the middle chamber lecture as well as floor work. Junior Warden needs to know his part for all 3 degrees, as well as the Master's part for the 1st degree including lecture of the second degree. Senior Warden needs to know his part for all 3 plus the Master's part for the 2nd including the G lecture. And, Master needs to know his part for all 3 degrees. All of it.

    Now that I'm done with the Senior Warden's qualification, I can be installed on the 8th. And of course, I'll immediately begin studying for the Master's part. Watching our incoming Master do his exam was definitely humbling and I know it'll take the better part of 2018 to prepare. Wish me luck!
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  2. dpk Shah

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    Congrats Brother, well done
  3. Bloke

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    Congratulations !
  4. CLewey44

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    Wow thats impressive, most people can barely learn their parts for opening and closing of lodge.
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    Thank you all very much. And yes, it's quite a bit, but I have to remind myself that it has been accomplished by all those who have gone this way before. Coming from a different state, the first qualification (JW in my case) was the toughest. The opening and closing as well as the obligation and a few other things that one might take for granted having been raised in that state had to be relearned. But, now that I have the opening and closing down for the first and second degree, it makes the third a lot easier. Still, the entire legend of the temple, the historical lecture of the legend, and the emblems lecture is going to be a big task. That's why I'm starting it now. Plus, I need to keep fresh on all the lectures for the first and second degrees.
    I'm hoping to learn it ASAP, get my qualification done early, and get back to actually having a bit of free time.
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    Congratulations Brother!!! Best of luck in the future endeavors.
  7. dfreybur

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    I may have qualified for giving the third degree lecture, but my first time in the east I did not deliver it. There's a different between being able to stumble through it enough to qualify and knowing it well enough to deliver to a live candidate. I delivered the 2nd degree revolving planets lecture in front of a live candidate and butchered it. For degrees, go for asking one of your PMs who does that.
  8. hanzosbm

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    Well, my goal is to be good enough to deliver it. With my JW qualification, I passed but was not satisfied with my performance of it. With my SW qualification, I would've felt 100% comfortable doing it during a live degree. (although I did have to be reminded of one word I got stuck on)
    For my WM qualification, I don't know if I'll strive for perfection prior to qualifying or not. It's a LOT of material and the difference between passing and being perfect is a difference of months of additional studying which could be used for other things (like some professional certifications I've had to put on the back burner).
    Some day, I'd like to get to the point where I've memorized it all, including the long form of the lectures and the charges. I feel that memorizing the material is the best way to get a firm grip on it and every piece not memorized is a weak link in the chain. But that won't be for quite some time.
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