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    There was an old Past Master,who
    Was full of sayings,good and true;
    Honours had he by the score –
    Stepped was he in Mason’s lore;
    He,all the Ancient Landmarks knew –
    The Book of Constitutions too ! –
    A fountainhead of knowledge he –
    A walking “Goulds Freemasonry†!

    One summer day we chanced to meet
    I spied him sitting on a seat
    Viewing a truly English scene;
    Watching the bowlers on the green
    In Preston Park; he beckoned me
    To sit beside him ‘neath the tree.
    We watched the game,then,at its close
    We talked;the subject soon arose
    Of Masonry,in other days,
    In other places,far away
    From Brighton on a summer day.
    After a while,my way was clear
    To say to him,in words sincere
    “With all the knowledge you have stored
    (Of your own free will and accord !)
    Could I prevail on you to find
    Tucked safe away,within your mind
    Perhaps,a wise and telling phrase
    To guide me on my future ways ?
    My question asked,I silent fell
    So that I should not break the spell:
    He looked at me; I met his eyes
    And they were,oh, so wordly wise:
    The words he spoke are with me yet –
    The words I never shall forget……

    “What sort of Lodge would my Lodge be-
    If every brother was-just like me ?â€â€¦â€¦.​

    By W.Bro Ken Brown PPrGreg
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    a damn good one:1:
    nice post blake

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