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Paying a Master His Wages

The following is an email that I recently sent to a large group of Masons that I thought was worthy of posting here as well. Brother, I hope that this email finds you doing well and enjoying your summer. I wanted to share some thoughts around the current state of the Craft. Many, if not all of you, have been told of the dwindling number of Masons in your jurisdiction. Membership is down. Lodge attendance is down. Retention is down. You have heard from Masons at all levels of the causes of these trends. In today’s society, it...

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It sounds to me like this rabble-rouser is advocating personal responsibility, is that even Masonically legal? I mean, can't we just get the Grand Lodge to come up with a new slogan, or do away with those unseemly catechisms, or maybe put some ads on TV. Oh, oh, I know, how about if we just put a spy app on their phones so we know where they really are on Lodge night!

If we allow individual Masons to begin taking responsibility for what goes on in their Lodge there is no telling where it might end. Last time we did this didn't they move to a new continent and start their own country?
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