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    Greetings brothers, i am a travelling man and i am scottish rite af&am. Here's where the problem lies, i went though my 3 degrees, and i made i decided to take the Prince Hall route because i kept hearing thats where i need to be, but When i made attempts to get healed, no one has followed up and let me know what i need to do....i want to be a shriner, but i need to be pointed in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Get healed? I'm not familiar with that term in masonry.
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    Furthermore, who's telling you that you 'need' to be PHA? While PHA is predominantly African American, the racial exclusivity of the various Grand Lodges is (or should be) a thing of the past. It doesn't matter which Grand Jurisdiction you're under, so long as you're happy with them.
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    Healed is a term that I have heard used by PHA brothers when referring to men coming from a jurisdiction not recognized by the GLoTX, MWPHGLoTX, or the UGLE wishing to join a Prince Hall Lodge.
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    Brother Squarebro357,

    Please send me your information via private message and I will direct you as to what you need to do.

    Brother Bupton52 is correct. There is a large number of unrecognized masons in the US. That being said the term 'healed' and the process of healing was created so that these brothers can have a avenue to join Prince Hall Masonry which is recognized by most Grand Lodges and UGLE.
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