Phylaxis Society 2012 Convention in Jackson, MS

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    Our annual convention is held in March on the weekend closest to March 6th, the anniversary of the initiation of Prince Hall and fourteen other men of color to become the first African-American Masons in America. This years convention will be held in Jackson, MS.

    All members and fellows of the Phylaxis Society are encouraged to attend this annual convention.

    The price of registration admits you to all of our workshops and to many of our evening events. It also includes lunch on Friday and Saturday, and the banquet on Saturday.

    The Thursday tour is separate, as are activities of the Chi Rho fraternity.

    When the convention is held in a state where mutual recognition has not been established between the resident grand lodges, some restrictions may be placed on mainstream Masons if lodge visitations are scheduled.

    The Phylaxis Society

    View attachment 2012 Convention Registration Form, 2-17-11.doc View attachment 2012 39th-29th Airport Transportation Request Form.doc View attachment 2012_Corrected 10-15-11Souvenir_Book Form.pdf
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    Please pm me the information on registration and classes? Thanks!

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