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    For anyone who is interested in testing their geometry skills, there is a web site called You start out with some simple skills like drawing a line segment and a circle. You are then challenged figure out how to draw certain geometric shapes. One of the early challenges is "bisect an angle". Once you complete this challenge you are rewarded with a new "bisect the angle" skill and move on to the next level. The game automatically saves your progress so you are returned to where you left off.

    If you ever wondered how it would feel to try an figure out the nature of the universe with only a compass and a straight edge this game is for you. Right now I am working on level 7 (I never said I was smart) where the challenge is to construct parallel lines of equal length. In fact I just had an idea that might work, I'm going there right now and try it out.
  2. Keith D. McKeever Jr.

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    This is going to be one of these challenges; once we start, we can't stop
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    I couldn't do it on my phone... Looks like I'll have to try it on my laptop.

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