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  1. Hippie19950

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    As so many others, I am officially a Past Master now. I have discovered some of the really cool things about it already. One being that the Rocker, and $5.00 gets my supper at all Stated Meetings. If I still go to GL, I still have a vote. As PM, I was immediately made Secretary for ONE year. I talked with another who is in his 32nd year of a ONE year term. The Brethren expect me to talk LESS now. Yeah, it's gonna be good after all... :0)

    Hippie... Oh yeah... P.M.
  2. Mac

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    Congrats on trading the square below the compasses for a quadrant, brother! Secretary is a good place for you. When the current WM slips up, you can't get closer.

    Just don't turn the secretary's desk into a perch! ;)
  3. Bill Lins

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    Now you're privy to the real secrets of Freemasonry! :wink:

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