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    Hi Brothers, quick question to those who know.
    Can I please be enlightened why the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario uses regalia that is very similar/identical to the United Grand Lodge of England?
    I know that other Canadian Grand Lodges use this regalia, but the Prince Hall lineage comes from America so it doesn't make sense.
    I understand that each Grand Lodge is sovereign, just interested how this came to be.

    On another note, what ritual do they use?
    Do they use American (Preston-Webb) Rituals, or Canadian (Emulation Based) Rituals?
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    May I suggest you contact that GL, as their Gr Historian could most likely provide you an explanation to your questions?

    Additionally, perhaps you could consider contacting Br Tony Pope, FPS, of the Australia New Zealand Masonic Research Council and The Phylaxis Society who wrote a book review of “Prince Hall Masonry In Ontario 1852-1933” by Arlie C. Robbins

    Phylaxis Notes March 1999 Encyclopedie/RMAP~1/ritualenGO/notes399.htm

    A Brief History of The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F. & A. M.
    Province of Ontario and Jurisdiction
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