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  1. Luke

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    An update about me...

    I will be giving my proficiency on August fourth, getting passed on the eighth and I'm up for the cemetery committee as soon as I'm raised. As long as everything goes well I will be giving my FC proficiency on the first Tuesday of September and raised shortly there after. I will be attending a couple initiations at Kelly lodge #1131 on the twenty first and an initiation at Alamo #44 on the thirty first. I have most of the first and second sections down and I'm looking forward to the rest. The initiations coming up will most definitely help.

    A question to you...

    I'm seriously thinking about submitting a paper to the G.L.R.T. What are your thoughts on becoming a member of this lodge? I hear they only meet quarterly and you get a neat apron. The paper has to consume at least fifteen minutes presented. From what I've been told the paper only has to touch on Freemasonry. I am going to be a full time student in a completely new field to me. So do you think I could connect Freemasonry with mortuary science?

    To quote a movie from my childhood, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
  2. rhitland

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    Good work on your profinciency work Brother. The G.L.R.T. is an awesome goal I believe they have 80 something members last I checked so it is no easy row to hoe but it can certainly be done. If you go to their website you can download the guidlines for writting a paper to get into the lodge it is a little diffrent than traditional research papers but pretty much the same. Well connecting Masonry to mortuary science can certiantly be done it would be limited only to your imagination and writting ability.
  3. RJS

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    Ferris Bueller ROCKS!!!!
  4. Hippie19950

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    Congratulations Bro. Luke on your work, and interest in continuing. As for the Mortuary Services, there many who own or work in the field who are Brothers. It will not be hard I don't think at all, if you will look and ask. Where are planning to go to school? If I can be of any help with it, let me know. I was never licensed as an Embalmer or Funeral Director, but worked at a funeral home in Hearne for many years. The local EMS was owned and operated frpom there, as was the practice in many places. Took care of folks in many ways...
  5. Nate Riley

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    I think you may be able to relate death (and related subjects) to Freemasonry quite easily. As Rhitland said, you will only be limited by your imagination. As you continue on in your degree work, your eyes and imagination will be opened to many new things. In fact, for this reason, I would encourage you to let your ideas for this paper develop as you go through the degrees and not get ahead of thing with the paper.
  6. Bill Lins

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    Once you become a Master Mason, study the lecture. The last section of it should give you some ideas.
  7. Luke

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    I am attending San Antonio College for the mortuary science A.A.S. degree. I also want to continue on for a B.A. in business, sociology or psychology.

    Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I plan on taking quite a while to write this paper. I'd put money on it taking the better part of two years to complete.

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