Progress in the Craft

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    Tie of black and lodge-suit, shoes are polished bright
    Check regalia in the case; see everything is right.
    Just a final run-through of words you have to say;
    We'll have another Mason ere the closing of this day
    And hope that he enjoys it, becomes one of us,
    Also that he realizes, we once were treated thus!

    We, having seen such ceremonies many times before,
    Will witness his first entrance, nervous through the door,
    As keenly as when seeing those first steps we took,
    We too listening to the words (Not always as per book!)
    For all our Brother Masons are fallible like me;
    Few can be word-perfect throughout each degree.

    We shall watch him when he's crafted, later at his Third,
    His progress to the Master's Chair, to gain the Master's word.
    Initiating others, in that year so swiftly gone!
    Becoming a Postmaster, and so relied upon.
    Then other years are passing, he's in dark blue, and bald
    But willingly will take a job, whenever he is called.

    He's still at every meeting, at L.O.I. he's there
    For well-being of the Lodge he's always time to spare.
    He's reaped no advantages through being in the craft
    As spoken by our critics, the jealous and the deft!
    Except that great advantage, which we Masons are aware
    That wondrous 'Magic' something of being On The Square.

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