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    Hi all. I'm a member of Abilene Lodge #559, but I'm currently working in Florida on a construction project. One of my co-workers is interested in becoming a Mason, and would like to get started as soon as he can. Does anyone know they *typical* time frame to complete the work in Florida? I think he'd like to do it before we leave Florida and move on to the next job. Any input is appreciated.

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    I was in Florida recently. The time frame for Craft Masonry in Florida, is about the same as most grand Lodges. About a month for investigation, balloting, etc. Then there is a minimum of one month between the Craft degrees. The Grand Master of Masons in Fla, has forbidden one-day classes. If your co-worker is not a resident of Florida, you should have him petition the lodge in his city of residence. If the lodge in his city of residence is in communication with GL of Florida, you could request "courtesy work", where the lodge in his home town, signs a "power of attorney", and the ceremonial work is done in Florida, but the candidate joins his home-town lodge. This procedure is often done for students and military, who are away from home for an extended period.

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