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Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by fairmanjd, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. fairmanjd

    fairmanjd Registered User

    I have a question concerning the investigative committee's procedures. Should they visit me at home, I assume it is OK to offer drinks/refreshments/supper etc? I read an earlier post where a gentleman offered refreshments which were refused; he stated his wife thought it slightly rude. I worry because we don't have alot of guests; but when we do, we like to make them feel as if our home is their home... at least for a little while. That being said, I don't wish to offend the gentlemen should they wish to keep it strictly business. Your thoughts?
  2. Benton

    Benton Premium Member

    Depends on who is on the committee and their personal preferences. I know of no official rule requiring them to refuse hospitality. I think it would be a good kind gesture on your part. However, that said, if they do refuse anything, just remember, they may be there in a business mindset. You mentioned it yourself. No need to be offended by it if that's the case.

    At the very least, I think it would be kind to offer them a coke or something. I wouldn't see any harm in that at all.

    Not like you're giving them each a bottle of single barrel Jack Daniels, bars of gold, or anything along those lines. That would give the wrong impression. :p
  3. Hndrx

    Hndrx Premium Member

    I don't know the real answer. But I do know in my case, I offered drinks and they passed on them. The "investigation" was very informal and friendly. Personally, I just offered drinks and they declined. No big deal either way.
  4. blackbeard

    blackbeard Registered User

    :8:i offered drinks which were declined. didn't offend me at all. my investigators were very friendly and it went well (obviously). i would offer some sort of light refreshment if you wish, just, as before mentioned, don't be offended if they are of a 'business' mindset and decline. just relax and enjoy getting to know them. they will have questions for you, but also will be open to any questions you may have for them....
  5. robert leachman

    robert leachman Registered User

    I see nothing wrong with offering water, tea, or cokes. Just good old Southern hospitality. I don't think a snack or meal is necessary.
  6. fairmanjd

    fairmanjd Registered User

    Looks like the gents from the committee will be visiting our home this Saturday. I was beginnin to think they forgot about me. :)
  7. MikeMay

    MikeMay Premium Member

    Nothing wrong with offering...just don't be offended if they pass as it could be for any number of reasons. I have been on one investigating committee and was offered, and refused (I had already had dinner that evening and was on a strict diet) but thanked the candidate all the same.

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