Question about the term 'Blue Lodge'

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    Hello Brethren,

    I'm a newly raised MM and have what is probably a silly question that I probably should already know but I just can't help it I have to ask.

    I understand the terminology and meaning behind the term Symbolic Lodge as it refers to Speculative Freemasonry, but why is it we also call it a 'Blue Lodge' Why blue? What teachings is there to be had by the name 'Blue Lodge'?
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    The term "blue lodge" in my opinion hardly has anything to do with an actual color. This is my personal "layman's" version of the answer to the quesiton asked...

    There are in fact two completely different sets of ritual work for the initial three craft degrees. One version is what is known as Scottish Rite, the other is York Rite. Both versions were taught fairly commonly in the U.S. in Masonry's early years, almost competing for the "best" version of the ritual (EA, FC, & MM). It was decided that the "standard" form of the ritual would be the York Rite over the Scottish Rite. What we commonly see today in the mainstream lodges is the York Rite version or "blue lodge". There are a handful of lodges around the nation that still practice the Scottish Rite version or "red lodge". There are some practicing red lodges currently within the jurisdiciton of the Grand Lodge of Louisianna.

    I have personally seen both versions, each are unique and special in their own right and the lessons taught are similar. Just another beauty of our wonderful fraternity.
  3. Mac

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    Another answer I've seen posited is that the ceiling of the Lodge (the celestial canopy) is the "blue" sky. I've never found a concrete answer, but such is your luck when you belong to an organization that doesn't like for you to write things down. ;)
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    Thanks Brothers! Both of those explanations make sense. I remember a Brother telling me when I was first initiated that the color blue stood for something but I could be wrong as my head was swimming with the fire hose of information that was turned on that night. For some reason unity comes to mind but I'm not sure if that was it.

    I have never heard of a red lodge before. I'll have to see if we have any of those out here in the land of corn. I would love to try and attend a degree at one of those sometime.
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