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    A friend of mine forwarded this to me:

    By: Bro. Robert Herd

    Quit making excuses why you can't make it to lodge!
    Quit paying your dues late!
    Quit being a follower and start being a leader in your lodge!
    Quit listening to others tell you what is/what was and pick up a book and learn for yourself!
    Quit fearing the old past masters, they can't hurt you and it is YOU that THEY should fear!
    Quit being a yes man and let others know your HONEST OPINION!
    Quit being a sideliner and learn a lecture or part in a degree!
    Quit being a complainer and become a DOer!
    Quit fearing rejection and start proposing IDEAS!
    Quit being standoffish toward new members and become a MENTOR!
    Quit thinking you know everything and MEDITATE on something you DON'T!
    Quit blaming/judging your Brothers for what they do wrong and Council them!
    Quit being simply a stone worker and become a TEMPLE BUILDER!
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    Great food for thought!

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