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    Hey Guys, so last night at my Lodge's practice I got looking at their small library of books and quite a few of them are pretty old like I think the one I felt most comfortable reading because it didn't look like it might fall apart in my hands if I opened it was printed around WWII time frame or earlier.

    So here's my question. How would you go about preserving books that old. There was one I dared to pull off the shelf that had a piece of tissue paper over each of the pictures because it looked like each picture in the book was hand painted. I love the history of stuff so I want to read them but I'm afraid of them getting ruined and how to preserve them but also to still be able to read the information that the hold. The margins on each page must be close to 1 inch margins.
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    Changes in temperature are bad... humidity and heat are bad. To much exposure to light is bad. When examining a old book, use another book or roll of paper towels etc to prop up the front cover to remove undue stress on binding. Wash hands before handling, and potentially where white cotton gloves. There are site you can go to that will go into much more detail. Best of luck.
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    I assume that this is so no oily residue from your hands / fingers are left behind on the paper?
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    Yes mostly, human hands are filthy, and the oils themselves will breakdown material over time.
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